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A new and original gospel hymn, "His Blood Still Flows For Me,"(2021) has an instant sense of familiarity yet fresh lyrical content reflecting on High priestly ministry of Jesus for His people. Each stanza is a personal affirmation of the efficacy and sufficiency of Jesus’ sacrifice. Because of Jesus’ precious blood we have redemption, forgiveness of sins, cleansing of our conscience of guilt and shame, we are fully received by God now and for eternity. Discover the timeless beauty of these truths as you meditate on the continued relevance and power of Jesus blood shed for sinners.


"Hail Him the King," (2020) is the first single release by Michael E. Peterson, Jr. This is not your average Christmas song. Rather, the worshipful gospel sound and catchy melody draws you into a contemplation of the song's rich theological lyrics that expound on the humility of Jesus' incarnation and His exaltation as King of kings.