Poem: Energy Drink

"Energy Drink"

A Spoken Word poem by Michael E. Peterson Jr.

No coffee for me

My sin be like an

Energy drink

It perks me up

But I hate the crash

breaks my faith dash

Cause I stumbled

But willingly

Willing to see

If willful sin

Would really win

Gods wrathful wind

But then again

This energy is

Filling me

And feeling me

As I fall in

A tall drink


Of sin

Once again and

I can't win

For losing

Eyes open

To darkness

My sin in me

Is an inner beast

Needs to be tamed

Cause the energy

I put into this

Is like red bull

It gives me wings

In my pipe dreams

Pipe line cutting

Off the lifeline

Lifetime living in

Decaying decadence

Need to be revived

These lies

My mind resurrects

Please kill these insides

Gold mines

Faith coming out like

Tests of old fire

Burn my lungs

Breathe in the fun

Only to gain none

Same song

Singing the same tune

This may Jun-o

But You Know

The truth

Like Ruth

I should be gleaning From the gracious grain

Laid by the slain

Lamb, a greater Boaz

Kinsmen redeemer

Come rescue like FEMA

From this hurricane

Trouble waves

Bye bye to the Way

Like Titanic stays

The trip was nice

Till my boat hit ice

Now we crashing

Like the cold can

Of Nos ran out

I need a fan

Its hot in here

Cause I don't fear

Who I need to see

Please cause the Lord

My Christ and yours

Needs to be formed in me

So I can bleed

Like He did for me

When it's time to cease

The labor of evil works

That energizes me

This inner G!

Mortifying the flesh

Relying upon His death

Forsaking all of the rest

So rested I pass the test

So tested I glorify Him

For glory I won't deny Him

I'm fighting like

Semper fi and

Armored up

For war inside!

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