Poem: Redeem the Time

"Redeem the Time"

by Michael E. Peterson Jr.

Its Time

To redeem the

Time is of the essence

Not merely material

Or physical sense

But spiritual cents

Paying spiritual rents

Make spiritual sense?

Since every breath is borrowed

Since the beginning

It's belonged to

The Great Giver Who lends

To every blood bought servant

Under the Son Who was sent

Since Redemption was paid

Now we see the Sovereign

Distribution of talents

Gifted resources of Grace

Displaying the Gospel Guarantee

the Spirit's dwelling in Me

And His people, you see?

Borrowed time, a precious commodity.

The cost? Eternally validated

This credit card substantiated

His righteousness performed was credited

To my account, now I'm vindicated

The law's requirement

was satisfied, and I'm exonerated

Justified, By the Judge of all

His justice indicated in the cross

But mercy me!

It's my burden to bear

The load is light to me

Daily I should carry to share

His glory's right to plead

With sinners, won't you escape

these sinful snares?

Like drum rolls they keep tapping

The wrath of God is fair!

Beautiful, I mean

Displaying His holiness

Upon the Heir

Such a terrible sight it was

When He died there as He hung

For me, the least that I can do

Is take the time

To me He gave

And redeem the time

To spread His fame.

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