New Music Coming Soon: "Hail Him the King"

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

After more than ten years of songwriting, I am proud to announce that we are on the brink of my first music recording project release! We all know it's drawing closer to Christmas time, so here's a hint... this is technically a "Christmas project!" And who doesn't just love NEW Christmas music?! Well...I can tell you that this project is no ordinary or even traditional Christmas song. However, I think that those who take the season to celebrate the wonder and majesty of the incarnation of the Son of God will truly enjoy this music and its uniqueness. More information is soon to come! But just imagine... a fresh new song to worship Jesus the Christ as our King; the One Who, "came down to save us!" We should never get over the glorious thought of God's love for us demonstrated in that historical event. Well, lastly, if you didn't get it by the title of this post, the new project is going to be called, "Hail Him the King." Here's a question: What does the phrase, "Hail Him the King" make you think about as it relates to Jesus??? Post a comment with your answer. Let's talk about it!

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